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Coming Out of Hiding

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A leap of faith to illuminate our hidden power!

An experience with
Yael Shtainer and Lauren Hemley

Sunday, January 16, 2022

2:30-4:30 PM EST

Via Zoom

$35-$65 sliding scale*

What parts of yourself do you keep hidden? What personalities/characters/archetypes are you afraid to show to the world?

In this workshop we will explore the idea that the parts of us that we keep hidden from the world are perhaps the most powerful aspects of our being. While it may feel tempting or easy to view the hidden aspects of our personality as negative, how is this belief holding hostage our strength and power and keeping us small?

What if the parts of us that we try to hide or protect could be our source of strength? The hidden parts provide the raw medicine for transformation or alchemy.


The hidden parts can be archetypes that we think are less acceptable in our culture—parts that we are ashamed of or places within that we fear are broken, too much, won’t fit or get rejected. Instead we put a mask on in hopes of being acceptable, fitting in. What mask do you show to the world?


We can turn lead into gold if we bring the hidden parts of us to light. This requires a leap of faith into unknown and scary territory. We risk the security, or the illusion of security that we have been operating under. But what if it’s not that scary and it’s just the fear itself that keeps us paralyzed?

Are you ready to claim the parts of you that have been hidden?

Join us to reflect, explore, release, move, and leap into 2022 from a place of integrated power and strength.

This Workshop will Include:

This workshop will include:


-visualization: what part of you have you been hiding?


-embodiment: movement, expression, wildness


-reflection and journaling


-sharing in circle


-ritual: leap of faith into the new year




*Sliding scale pricing. Please pay what you can. Use the link to pay with credit card or send venmo to @laurenhemley (5429)

About Your Guides:

Yael Shtainer


Yael is a Core Energetic Therapist, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Sex Coach & Educator, and Sexological Bodyworker. She has been facilitating workshops in the US and Israel and has an online private practice.

Lauren Hemley

LAURENCP2020-17 copy.jpg

Lauren is a Yoga instructor and transformation coach specializing in yoga and mindfulness lifestyle, and women’s circle leader for the Wild Woman Project. Lauren also holds a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition. She offers classes in vinyasa yoga, restorative, prenatal, and children’s yoga.

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