Women's Circles

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”

Wild Woman New Moon Circles

in Jersey City

A sharing circle for women as part of The Wild Woman Project. The circle is held once a month around the New Moon in Jersey City. RSVP required for exact address.

What you can expect:

General circle structure:


  • Introduction of a theme inspired by the astrological archetype of the New Moon

  • Check in: if you set an intention from the last New Moon, how did it go?

  • Meditation/Visualization

  • Sharing centered around the current theme

  • Creation Ritual: an activity inspired by the theme that gets creative juices flowing (a craft, sound activity, movement...)

  • Intention statement: writing/sharing your intention for the next moon cycle​

And I will always offer an herbal tea or special moon-inspired beverage :)

What to bring: a journal and pen.

Schedule for the "Second Quarter" of the Astrological Calendar

*Virtual Circle*

Cancer: Saturday, June 20, 8 PM ~2 hrs 






If you are interested, I encourage you to RSVP and put these dates on your calendar. It would be great to have a group of women who are committed to showing up each month so that we can reflect back and support one another in moving forward.



3 circles in the quarter: $45** 

2 circles in the quarter: $36**

Drop in circle: $20*

Payment is made by PayPal or Venmo.


*24-hour cancellation policy



Q. What is a The Wild Woman Project?

A. The Wild Woman Project is a global collective of women who seek to create a community of support and creative growth for one another. The Project is about celebrating the feminine and honoring each women's path and authentic expression. Please read more about the Project by visiting the website.

Q. What is a Wild Woman New Moon Circle?

A. New Moon Circles are the "bread-and-butter" of the Project. Each month women gather in their local community at the beginning of the moon cycle. Each month there is a theme inspired by the astrological placement of the Moon. The circle consists of sharing and a "creation ritual" in which we make or do something to enact the theme and create a physical manifestation of the intentions that we set forth for the Moon cycle ahead.

Q. What is the New Moon?

A. The New Moon is when the moon cannot be viewed in the sky--it is dark and therefore not reflecting light from the sun. This is thought to be an energetically potent time to "plant seeds" or set intentions for the Moon cycle ahead. Read more about the Moon cycle by clicking the image below.








Q. Do I need to be interested in astrology to participate and benefit?

A. No! We are exploring archetypes and themes that are relevant regardless of the astrology.