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Releasing the Old, Embracing the Unknown

A NYE workshop/celebration/ceremony exploring the potency in a time of transformation.


Releasing the Old, Embracing the Unknown

Thursday, December 31
3:30-6 PM EST


with Yael Shtainer and Lauren Hemley

A NYE workshop/celebration/ceremony exploring the potency in a time of transformation.

This NYE you are invited to take all that is not serving you and release it into the sacred fire. We will hold space for the alchemical process of transformation and surrender into the mystery of the unknown.

Living our full potential and unprecedented life calls us to take a leap of faith. Rather than regressing into fear of this uncertainty, we are invited to trust in our deep wisdom; to meet ourselves in a place where it is most challenging to be --The unknown.

From the depth of the void, mystery, and chaos, there is an abundance of creative potential. This is where we are allowing the darkness of the cocoon to transform our inner world into something that we may not have even dared to imagine.

In a ceremony and celebration we will hold space for one another to cleanse our hearts and minds and prepare to leap into the unknown. We don’t know what is coming next but it is clear that 2020 has called on all of us to transform.

What we will do:

• Mantra meditation—using sacred vibrations to purify the mind and heart

• Sharing in circle

• Fire ritual—burning through what we don’t need to carry into the next cycle

• Movement to release the old and celebrate transformation

• Visualization—allowing inspiration to come to you

• Rest—savasana, relaxation to integrate and digest


Sliding scale $35-$75, please inquire if you would like to pay a lower amount.
Private zoom link will be provided for those that RSVP. Your payment is your RSVP.

We ask that you bring with you a special/sacred object, paper/pen, and a candle in a large fire safe bowl. Please set up your space in a way that would allow you to move and play music.

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