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The Live Your Yoga 13 Week Transformation


13 weeks to harness your power, practice yoga off the mat, and transform your life!


Click below to receive a free meditation. This is a great introduction to the content that we will cover in the course.

This is a meditation and yogic philosophy program for anyone who is ready to:

  • Trust yourself more

  • Freely speak your truth 

  • Get clear about what you want and move in the right direction

  • Witness your emotions rather than being ruled by them

  • Be kinder to yourself

With the support of our Sangha (spiritual community), you will:

  • Develop a regular meditation and self care practice

  • Cultivate discipline and self-awareness to recreate your life

Chanting for the Winter Solstice (1).jpg

What You Get

  • A 13 week online transformational experience delivered via Zoom and Whatsapp--participate from anywhere!

  • A community of like minded seekers looking to take their lives to the next level

  • A small group environment of 6-16 other participants to go deep with

  • (3) one hour one-on-one coaching sessions with me, delivered at the beginning and end of the program

  • 2.5 hours per week of content, available live or via replay

  • A sacred chant for each week of the program and the opportunity to practice Sanskrit pronunciation (optional) 

  • Ongoing prompts, accountability, and community connection through Whatsapp

  • Bonus events for the New and Full Moon

  • A "magic journal" for support and accountability--Google doc with weekly feedback from me

  • Culminating experience on Saturday, December 10, 2022

Who You Are

  • Interested in learning about yoga philosophy and how to integrate it into your life

  • Ready to commit to a consistent practice of meditation and mindfulness

  • Looking to take your yoga practice and life to the next level

  • Ready to show up vulnerably in service to yourself and to a group of like-minded seekers

Who You Are Not

  • Stuck in victim mentality and unwilling to take responsibility for your life

  • Unwilling to receive feedback

  • Hoping for a quick fix for yourself and not open to participation with a group

Relaunching in Spring 2023!

Recommended Reading:

The Yoga Sutras, translated and interpreted

by Swami Satchidananda or B.K.S. Iyengar


Bringing Yoga To Life, Donna Farhi


LYY Graduate - Jennifer shares that she has improved in her planning skills and dedication to her meditation practice.

LYY Graduate - Lindsay shares that to her surprise, the HW was one of her favorite elements of the program.

I share that this program feels like a thesis or culmination of everything I have learned and practiced for the past ~15 years, Mackenzie reflects that the program feels very intentional and well thought out in its timing and pacing.

Copy of I signed up for this program to learn more about the yama and niyama. It was every

Interested? Book a FREE Discovery Call to learn more.

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