Each New and Full Moon I will offer a 30 minute meditation on zoom. Drop in and be guided from the comfort of your home while tuning in to the phase of the moon.


The New Moon is a time of beginnings-starting again and planting seeds.


The Full Moon is a time of release-letting go of the details that aren't working and tuning back in the underlying purpose of our pursuits. Each session will include a theme, mantra, guided meditation, brief ritual, and pulling an oracle for each participant. Please see below for upcoming dates and times. 

  • All sessions as $12. 

  • You will receive the zoom link in the confirmation email after you pay.

  • If for any reason you do not receive the confirmation email with the zoom link, please check your promotions and spam folders, and then email me at


New Moon in Virgo

Saturday, August 27

8-8:30 PM EST

Full Moon in Pisces

Friday, September 9

8-8:30 PM EST

New Moon in Libra

Monday, September 26

8-8:30 PM EST

Full Moon in Aries

Sunday, October 9

8-8:30 PM EST

New Moon in Scorpio

Monday, October 24

8-8:30 PM

Full Moon in Taurus

Monday, November 7

8-8:30 PM

New Moon in Sagittarius

Tuesday, November 22

8-8:30 PM

Full Moon in Gemini

Thursday, December 8

8-8:30 PM EST